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Accept or Decline an 'Invite to Bill' as a Payment Application Contact

 For Procore Customers in the United States

flag-us.png  When your company applies the 'Owners English' or 'Speciality Contractors English' point-of-view dictionary, you'll see different tool names and term changes in the user interface. Learn how to apply the dictionary options. 

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    • This table shows the differences in tool names (bold) and terms across the point-of-view dictionaries for Project Financials. These dictionaries are available in US English only. The default dictionary is designed for main contractors, which means that you will need to work with your Procore Administrator at your company and your Procore point of contact to access the other dictionary options. 

      Main Contractors

      English (United States) - Default


      English (Owner Terminology V2)

      Speciality Contractors

      English (Speciality Contractor Terminology)

      Payment Applications Payment Applications Progress Billings
      Owner Funding Owner
      Owner/Client Owner/Client MC/Client
      Main Contract Variation Funding Variation Client Contract Variation
      Main Contracts Funding Client Contracts
      Revenue Funding Revenue
      Subcontract Contract Subcontract
      Subcontractor Contractor Subcontractor
      Subcontractor Bill of Quantities (SBOQ) Contractor Bill of Quantities (CBOQ) Subcontractor Bill of Quantities (SBOQ)


To accept or decline an 'Invite to Bill' as an payment application contact.


After creating a new billing period, an payment application administrator can send an 'Invite to Bill to the payment application contact on a commitment. The invite reminds the contact to submit their payment application by the Open billing period's due date. The subject line reads "Project Name: User Name has invited you to bill." Payment application contacts can then accept or decline the invite. 

Missing your 'Invite to Bill'? Payment application contacts can create new payment applications in Procore. See Create a Subcontractor Payment application.

Things to Consider



  1. Open your email Inbox. 
  2. Look for the email message with the subject line, " "Project Name: User Name has invited you to bill." 
  3. Open the invite to bill. 
  4. Review the Payment application Details:
    • Billing Period. The date range for the Open billing period. 
    • Invited By. The name of the sender. Typically, this is the payment application administrator. 
    • Due Date. The date your payment application is due. Payment application contacts cannot create or submit a payment application in the Procore project after this date.  
  5. Respond to the Do you want to bill this period? prompt:
    • Click Yes to accept the invite to bill and change the payment application's status to Accepted. Next, continue with the steps in Submit a New Payment application as a Payment Application Contact.
    • Click No if you don't want to submit a payment application for the Open billing period. The payment application's status changes to Declined.