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Create a Custom Submittals Report


To create a custom report using the reporting feature in the project's Submittals tool.


Depending on your access permission level, you can create custom reports that source data from the Submittals tool using the options available in either the Submittals tool or the Reports tools. 

  • Using the New Report Option in the Project level Submittals Tool. Procore's custom submittal reports functionality makes it easy to organise your submittals into relevant reports for your both personal use as well as for company or project-specific needs.With this option, you can create common reports to share with users on all projects or to create reports that are project specific. You can also create personal reports for project engineers and project managers to use to meet day-to-day business goals and you may not want to share those reports with all members of the project team. For details, see Create a New Custom Submittals Report below.
  • Using the Available Report Templates in the Company and Project Level Reports Tool. Procore provides users with access to a variety of report templates for the project's Submittals tool in the Project Management report template category. For details, see Create a Custom Submittals Report Using a Report Template.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • To create, edit and view reports that have not been marked 'Personal' to another user, 'Admin' level permissions to the Submittals tool.
    • To create personal reports and view global and project-specific reports, ' 'Standard' level permissions to the Submittals tool.
    • To view global and project-specific reports, 'Read Only' level permissions to the Submittals tool. 
  • Additional Information:
    • You can create an unlimited number of reports on a project. 
    • The reports you create are listed from most recent to least recent in the right sidebar of the Submittals tool. 


Create a Custom Submittals Report

  1. Navigate to the project's Submittals tool.
  2. Click Reports > Create New Report.
    This opens the Create Submittal Custom Report page.
  3. Do the following:
    • Enter Report Name. Click the pencil icon and type a name for the report. 

    • Enter Description. Click the pencil icon and type a description for the report. 

  4. In the Select Tool area, click Submittals
    This adds the Submittals tab to your report. 
  5. In the right-pane, use a drag-and-drop operation to move the desired columns into your report's layout. See Which data columns can I add to a custom Submittals report?
  6. If you want to create calculations using columns, click Create Calculation. Then add your calculation and click Save to close the New Calculation window. 
    Note: To learn how to create a calculation, see Create a Calculated Column in a Custom Report.
  7. If you want to apply a filter, choose one from the Add Filter drop-down list. 
  8. If you want to group report data, add the desired group using the Group By drop-down list. 
  9. When your report is in the desired state, click Create Report
    The system saves your report. For more information about creating custom reports, see Create a Custom Company Report or Create a Custom Project Report

Create a Custom Submittals Report Using a Report Template

To use this option, your user account must be assigned the permission level described in Create a Custom Company Report or Create a Custom Project Report

  1. Navigate to the Company or Project level Reports tool.
  2. Click Report > Create Report.
  3. Under Project Management, click Show All
    This lists all of the available templates for Procore's Project Management tools. See What report templates are available in the Reports tools? The report templates available for the Submittals tool include:
    • Overdue Submittals
    • Submittals by Package
    • Open Submittals by Status
    • Submittals Average Response Time by Responsible Contractor
    • Submittals Procurement
    • Submittals by Responsible Contractor
  4. Click the report template that you want to use.
  5. Click Use Template.
    The system creates generates a new report using the selected template. You can then proceed with editing the report, distributing a snapshot, sharing the report, cloning the report or deleting the report. For more information, see the documentation for the appropriate Reports tool: Company Level Reports or Project Level Reports.