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Procore (en-GB)

How do I edit a project programme in Procore?


While some companies use Procore's Programme tool to build detailed project timelines, other companies opt to integrate their own third-party software solutions (e.g.,Microsoft Project, Asta Powerproject or Oracle Primavera). For customers using third-party tools, you can integrate an existing programme with a project managed in Procore by uploading the project programme into Procore so that all members in your project can view a read-only version of the project programme.


You cannot edit an integrated project programme directly in Procore. Instead, you must modify the programme in your third-party software (e.g. Microsoft Project or Oracle Primavera) and then the revised programme into Procore. See the following articles to learn how:

If you have built your calendar items by creating a calendar item in Procore, you can edit those items in Procore. See Edit a Calendar Item