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What are multi-tiered locations?

Multi-tiered locations allow users to more accurately define the location of an item and more precisely communicate that location to members of the project team. It allows users to easily filter and sort items that belong to a common location at any level of granularity. For example, a user could filter for items located in Building 6305 (Tier 1), items located on Floor 3 of Building 6305 (Tier 2), or items located in Room 301 (Tier 3).  

Multi-tier locations can be created from the multi-tier location manager in the Project Admin tool under the Locations page of Project Settings. By default, multi-tier locations can also be created 'on-the-fly' in location fields of many tools in Procore. However, the project Admin will have the ability to lock location creation so that users can only select from a predefined list of locations and sub locations to add to an item. If this setting is turned on, it will disable 'on-the-fly' location creation. In the list of locations, each tier will be delimited using the '>' symbol.  For example, a multi-tier location could be Building 6305 > Floor 3 > Room 301. 

Multi-tiered location pickers will appear on the following tools:

  • Commitments
    • RFQ
    • Site Orders
    • Potential variations
  • Custom tools
  • Site Diary
    • Manpower log
    • Equipment log
    • Quantity log
    • Notes log
    • Inspection log
  • Inspections
  • Main Contract
    • Potential variation}s
  • Snag List
  • RFIs
  • Submittals