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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Estimating tool.
Note: See Cost Catalog Release Notes for related release notes.


Recent Changes

Replace and Edit Parts in Assemblies (13/10/2022)

You can now replace and edit assembly parts in the Estimating tool, which helps to ensure that you can assign proper prices, description, cost codes to material parts. This is especially beneficial for "virtual" parts created under takeoffs (paint, surface area, weight, etc) that don't have a material assigned.

Surface Area Parameter Added for Area / Volume TakeOffs (11/10/2022)

You can now select 'Surface Area' as an additional parameter for Area or Volume takeoffs. See Add Area or Volume Takeoffs. When Surface Area is selected, you can choose to include all sides, the top or bottom. The Surface Area information for the takeoff will be reflected on the relevant estimate in the Estimating tab.

Automated area Takeoff for concrete plans (15/08/2022)

As a follow-up to Procore's recent Automated Area Takeoff release for floor plans, you can now run automated area detection for concrete plans. See Run Automated Area Takeoffs.

Automated area Takeoff for Floor plans (03/06/2022)

Procore has added a new Automated Area Takeoff feature for the Takeoff tab in the Estimating tool. See Run Automated Area Takeoffs (or see this tutorial for the standalone Procore Estimating application).

Instead of needing to manually trace outlines of each room while adding a takeoff on a floor plan, you can now click one button to have Procore run a room detection across one or multiple drawings. After the detection is complete, you can select all the detected areas for a drawing at once or select specific rooms individually. This feature significantly helps to save time and improve efficiency during the takeoff and estimating process.

New Circle Mode for area Takeoffs (01/06/2022)

Procore has added a new 'Circle mode' that can be used on area takeoffs in the Estimating tool. With the Circle tool, you can quickly and easily add circular takeoffs as needed. See Add Area or Volume Takeoffs.

Global Estimating Settings Moved to the Company Level Admin Tool (01/04/2022)

To be more consistent with how default tool settings are managed for projects in Procore, the global settings for Estimating projects have been moved to the Company level Admin tool. See Configure Default Estimating Settings. The measurement unit can still be changed in a project's Estimating tool as needed. See Configure Settings: Estimating.

New 'Bid' Tab in the Estimating Tool (15/02/2022)

A new 'Bid' tab has been added to the Estimating tool in Procore. This is the same tender page that would load after clicking 'Show Tender'. See Generate Tender Estimates.

Copy or Move Groups to Other Estimates (03/02/2022)

You can now copy or move groups from the Estimating or Takeoff tabs to other estimates in the project. See Copy or Move a Group to Another Estimate.

'Weeks' and 'Months' Now Available for Labour Cost Catalog Item Type (02/02/2022)

In addition to Minutes, Hours and Days, you can now use Weeks and Months to measure labour. See Add Items to a Cost Catalog.

New 'EPD URL' Field for Catalaog Item Details (31/01/2022)

A 'EPD url' field has been added to the Catalog Details section of a cost catalog item. See Add Items to a Cost Catalog. 'EPD' is used for environmental declarations that are published online.

Previous Changes