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Complete Subcontractor Payment Applications with DocuSign®

 Phased Release
On March 23, 2022, the modernised subcontractor payment application experience was turned ON in all Procore project's using Procore's Payment application Management tools. To give you time to preview the design changes, Procore is providing users with the option to switch between the modernised and legacy experience until September 2023. After September 2023, the ability to exit out of the new experience will be removed and the legacy experience will no longer be available in Procore. To learn more, see Financial Management: New Admin & Collaborator Views for Subcontractor Payment applications.

To learn about DocuSign® support for the new beta experience, see What are the default statuses for downstream payment applications? 


To complete the electronic signature process for a subcontractor payment application using the Procore + DocuSign® integration.


After a project team member or your downstream collaborator creates a subcontractor payment application for a commitment, Procore users with a DocuSign® account can prepare a DocuSign® envelope for the payment application to send to the appropriate recipient(s) to request a signature.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Commitments tool.
      • Access permissions to the Payment applications & Progress Billings tools are governed by the permissions set on the Commitments and/or Client Contracts, Funding or Main Contracts tool. Procore tool names vary, depending on the language or point-of-view dictionary configured in Procore. See What dictionaries and languages are available in the Procore web application?
      • If you are a collaborator (for example, an payment application contact employed by a company performing work on a project managed in Procore, your ability to perform invoice-related tasks is determined by the Procore company account holder. Settings that the account holder may choose to provide to you include:
        • A Procore User account.
        • Access permissions to the project's Commitments and/or Client Contracts, Funding or Main Contracts tool.
        • Membership on the 'Private' list of a specific contract or funding
        • Designated as an 'Invoice Contact' on the contract or funding.
  •  Additional Information:
    • Once you log into your DocuSign® account from Procore, you will NOT need to sign in again until the login token expires. Once expired, the 'Re-Authentication Required' banner appears in Procore. To learn more, see What do the different DocuSign® banners in Procore mean?
    • To complete the steps below, the payment application must be in Approved, Approved as Noted or Pending Owner Approval status.



Send a Subcontractor Payment application to DocuSign®

This step shows you how to open a subcontractor payment application in Procore. 

  1. Navigate to the project's Commitments tool.
  2. Under the Contracts tab, do the following:
    • In the 'Contracts' table, locate the subcontract that contains the payment application to sign.
    • Click the Number link to open the subcontract.
  3. In the subcontract, click the Payment applications tab.
    To send a subcontractor payment application to DocuSign®, it must be in one (1) of these statuses: Approved, Approved as Noted or Pending Owner Approval
  4. In the Payment applications (Payment applications) table, locate the payment application and click View.
  5. Review the payment application and make any edits as needed.
  6. When you are ready to send the payment application to DocuSign©:
    • BETA If you are using the beta subcontractor invoice experience, click Send with DocuSign at the top of the page. 
    • LEGACY If you are using the legacy subcontractor invoice experience, click Update & Set Up DocuSign at the bottom of the page. 


Bulk Send Subcontractor Payment applications to DocuSign®

If you have 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Commitments tool, you can also use the project's Payment applications tool to send payment applications to DocuSign® in bulk.

  1. Navigate to the project's Invoicing tool.
  2. Click the Subcontractor tab.
  3. Mark the tickboxes next to the payment applications to bulk send to DocuSign®
    To send a subcontractor payment application to DocuSign®, it must be in one (1) of these statuses: ApprovedApproved as Noted, or Pending Owner Approval. See What are the default statuses for Procore payment applications?
  4. Click Send to DocuSign®
    If the Send to DocuSign® button is greyed out and unavailable, hover your mouse cursor over the button. A tooltip appears to inform you of the reason. Typically, it is because the purchase order or subcontract does not have an 'Invoice Contact' assigned to it. See Add Payment application Contacts to a Purchase Order or Subcontract.


    Procore sends the selected payment applications to DocuSign®. A GREEN success banner appears at the top of the page when complete.
    • When sending payment applications in bulk, the DocuSign®  integration only sends payment applications to the individuals listed as 'Invoice Contact(s)' on the contract in Procore.
    • Some DocuSign®  features are NOT available when using the bulk send option. For example, adding or removing documents, adding recipients and so on.
    • To use the unavailable DocuSign®  features, follow the steps in Complete Subcontractor Payment applications with DocuSign®.


Log in to DocuSign®

Prepare the DocuSign® Envelope

Once you are logged into the DocuSign®, the 'Upload a Document and Add Envelope Recipient' page appears. Complete these steps:

Add Documents to the Envelope

The following Procore information automatically populates the DocuSign® envelope:

  • A PDF copy of the payment application is automatically added to the 'Add Documents to Envelope' section. 
  • The required signature boxes for each 'Role' on the payment application. For example, the Main Contractor or Subcontractor whose contract is affected by the payment application. This includes each users 'Name' and 'Email Address.'  See Add Recipients to the Envelope below. 

You have the option to add other documents as follows:

  1. Optional: If you want to add additional documents to the envelope, choose one of the available options under the 'Add Documents to the Envelope' section:

    The available options in the 'Add Documents to the Envelope' section are developed and maintained by DocuSign®. To learn how to use DocuSign®, Procore recommends reviewing the content on
    1. Upload
    2. Use a Template
    3. Get From Cloud

Add Recipients to the Envelope

To add recipients to the envelope:

  1. Under 'Add Recipients to the Envelope', keep the default recipient blocks, their names and their email addresses. This data is added to the envelope automatically by the Procore+DocuSign® integration. If the data was specified in Procore, the values in the 'Name' and 'Email Address' fields of the recipient blocks correspond to these fields in Procore:
    • Subcontractor. This is the individual designated in the 'Architect/Engineer' field of the commitment associated with the subcontractor payment application. 
    • Main Contractor. This the individual who is designated in the 'Primary Contact' field in the Project Directory for the company designated in the 'Contractor'' field of the commitment associated with the subcontractor payment application. 


Add a Message to All Recipients

Preview the Signature Fields & Send the Envelope

The next step is to preview the signature fields on the PDF. The signature fields correspond to the roles in Procore. For example, the Main Contractor and Subcontractor who are parties to the contract with the payment application.  These fields are automatically added to the DocuSign® envelope by the Procore + DocuSign® integration. 

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the payment application PDF to view the signature fields. An example is pictured below. 

  2. Keep the existing signature fields. These fields are automatically populated by Procore and keeping them in their default positions ensures the signature workflow for the Procore application functions as expected. 
  3. Optional: Add any 'Standard Fields' to the form as desired.
    The options in the 'Standard Fields' area are developed and maintained by DocuSign®. To learn how to use DocuSign®, Procore recommends reviewing the content on
  4. When you are ready to collect the specified signatures, click Send
    DocuSign® sends the envelope to the specified recipients. Recipients can then continue with the Next Step. 
    Are you manually changing the status to 'Out for Signature' after sending it to DocuSign®? If you decide to change the payment application's status to 'Out for Signature' in Procore after sending the payment application to DocuSign® (remember, you can only send payment applications to DocuSign if they are in the Approved, Approved as Noted or Pending Owner Approval status), you will need to manually change the payment application status in Procore back to the appropriate approved status after the DocuSign® signature process is complete. 

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