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Forward a Subcontractor Payment application by Email from the Progress Billings Tool

 Limited Release
flag-us.png flag-canada.png The Progress Billings tool is only available to Procore customers in the United States and Canada who have implemented the Procore for Speciality Contractors point-of-view dictionary. To learn more, see (Limited Release) Owners & Speciality Contractors Point-of-View Dictionary Options


To forward a subcontractor invoice to a Procore user by email from the Progress Billings tool. 


You can use the controls in the Emails tab on a payment application to forward the payment application to users in the Project Directory who have been granted 'Read-Only' level permissions to the 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Standard' and 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Commitments tool.
      • Access permissions to the Payment applications & Progress Billings tools are governed by the permissions set on the Commitments and/or Client Contracts, Funding or Main Contracts tool. Procore tool names vary, depending on the point-of-view dictionary configured in Procore. See What tool names and terms are different in Procore for main contractors, owners and speciality contractors?
      • If you are a collaborator (for example, an payment application contact employed by a company performing work on a project managed in Procore, your ability to perform invoice-related tasks is determined by the Procore company account holder. Settings that the account holder may choose to provide to you include:
        • A Procore User account.
        • Access permissions to the project's Commitments and/or Client Contracts, Funding or Main Contracts tool.
        • Membership on the 'Private' list of a specific contract or funding
        • Designated as an 'Invoice Contact' on the contract or funding.
  • Additional Information:
    • You can only forward an invoice to a Procore user that exists in the Project Directory.
    • To forward a payment application to a Procore user, the person's user profile must have a valid email address in the Project Directory. To learn more about adding users, see What permissions do I need to add users to a Procore project?


  1. Navigate to the Emails Tab
  2. Forward the Payment application

Navigate to the Emails Tab

  1. Navigate to the project's Progress Billings tool. 
  2. Click the Subcontractor tab. 
  3. Locate the payment application that you want to send in the table. Then click its Number link to open it. 
  4. Click the Emails tab in the payment application. 

Forward the Payment application

  1. In the Emails tab, click the New Email button. 
  2. Under the 'Forward Payment application' area, do the following:
    • To
      Select the desired recipient(s) from the drop-down list. 
    • Cc
      Select any desired recipient to receive a carbon copy of the email. 
    • Private
      Indicates privacy settings for the invoice. When a submittal is marked 'Private', it is only visible to users with 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Commitment tool. 
    • Title
      The descriptive name that best summarizes the information in the submittal. 
    • Attachments
      Attach any relevant files. You have these options:
      • Click Attach File(s) and then choose the appropriate option from the shortcut menu that appears.
      • Use a drag-and-drop operation to move files from your computer into the grey Drag and Drop File(s) box.
    • Message
      Enter the body of your email message.
  3. Click Send
    Procore sends the email to all of the recipients. A copy of the email and any replies are stored as a communication thread in the Emails tab of the payment application.